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What is a Smoking Jacket?

Why is it called a Smoking Jacket?

Originally named by the Prince of Wales, smoking jackets evolved into the the classic dinner jackets that you see today. Originally, these jackets were made to be worn when smoking to prevent the smell of tobacco on your clothes. However, these jackets have now become statement pieces in modern fashion after being worn by the likes of Hugh Heffner and other celebrities. They no longer are associated with smoking as their name implies rahter they are associated with luxury and class.

Who wears a Smoking Jacket?

Our robes are meant to be worn by amateur cigar smokers to everyday cigar enthusasists. They are also meant to be worn for those who do not smoke and wish to dress to impress. We have sold thousands of jackets all over the world to men and women with the utmost sense of style and taste. Yes, our jackets are unisex!

When do you wear a Smoking Jacket?

Our smoking robes are meant to be worn when smoking a cigar at home, entertaining guests at a dinner party, to even formal events. We have had testimontials from many of our clients that have worn their jacket at their bachelor party, conferences, cigar shops, and weddings. Our jackets are versatile and stand out wherever you find yourself.

How long does a Smoking Jacket last?

Our smoking robes are meant to last for years. Infact, we have had clients wearing our jackets for over 5+ years. As long as you maintain your jacket the way you would any fine article of clothing, you can expect to keep your smoking jacket for decades. Our fabric is meant to last and with basic care, you can continue to enjoy our robe for the inconceivable future.

How do you clean a Smoking Jacket?

Our jackets are delicate as they are handmade thus we recommend handwashing our jackets. While they may be washed in a washing machine we highly recommend each jacket is handwashed to perserve the quality of the fabric it is made with. Handwash and handdried is the ideal way to keep your Smoking Robe clean.

Why are they so expensive?

We can not speak for other companies, but our robes are made from the highest quality velvet. We do not spare on the quality of our robes and each robe is handmade by one of our artisans. Yes, each robe is indeed handmade meaning each stitch is from an artisan that takes their time to handcraft your robe. This is also why we ask that you allow us up to 7 days to make each order. Each order is made to order as we do not carry any stock at hand.

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