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Best Cigars for Beginners

Casa Torano

Casa Torano cigars are premium hand rolled cigars that are made in Honduras by the Torano family. By its characteristics, they are cigars that are in the mild-to-medium range and are packed with flavors. A casa Torano may be mild enough for those who are new to cigar smoking, but it also comes with flavors that are complex enough even to please a lot of seasoned smokers. The filler tobacco in this cigar is a blend of two tobaccos - one that is South American and one that is Central. Then there's the wrapper tobacco, which is of Ecuadorian-Connecticut origins. A Casa Torano tastes smooth and rich, and it's pretty enjoyable until the cigar's last 2 inches.

Gran Habano Connecticut #1

This one is bodied mild-to-medium, but it leans mostly towards the upper end in the specified range. Guillermo Rico produces the Gran Habanos in Honduras. The particular Connecticut #1 blend is produced with a combination of filler originating from Nicaragua, and with wrappers that are Ecuadorian Connecticut Shade. Not only is it ideal for beginner cigar smokers but also for the kind of mainstream smokers who relish a cigar that is flavorful and not an explosion of power.

Macanudo Hyde Park

In the United States, Macanudo is one the premium cigars in the top selling league, and it has been consistent in being ranked in the top 25. The General Cigar Company produces these cigars in the Dominican Republic. Smokers find the Macanudo quite the pleasure when it comes to holding cigars, as in the Hyde Park line; it’s one of the thicker ones.

Another cigar that is a true pleasure to smoke is the Macanudo Hyde Park Café since it generates faint tastes of cashews, fresh herbs and also almonds. It is another brilliant choice for beginners; in fact, they can also use it like a benchmark to assess the other cigars they try out.

Helix Blue Tubular

Not only is the Helix Blue Tubular cigar mild in strength but it is also mild in flavor in a very enjoyable manner. This cigar is perfect for beginner cigar smokers and also for the seasoned ones who do not mind smoking a mild cigar every now and then. It is produced in Honduras by the General Cigar Company, and it also has some characteristics that resemble their more popular and expensive line of the Macanudo cigars.

It is interesting to note that Helix cigars are available in the form of artificially flavored cigars as well; in fact, they are prescribed for those who are new to smoking cigars. This artificially flavored line of cigars is called Helix Remix. 


Produced in Honduras with Nicaraguan and Honduran filler tobacco, Gispert is a cigar that is mild-to-medium bodied. Not only is it available in a variety of formats like different sizes, but it is also a cigar that is incredibly easy to smoke. 

When it comes to the flavor profile of this cigar – it has a woody and an earthy flavor along with hints of some leather to it. The leather and wood undertones of the flavor lend this cigar quite a pleasing aroma as well. Not only that, but it is also very reasonably priced.

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