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Tips For Cigar Beginners

- It should always be quality tobacconists you should buy from. When you make your cigar purchases from a local tobacconist with a good repute, you can be certain that the storage of cigars is taken care of in all the proper and right manners. In fact, the clerk would be able to give their suggestions and advise when and where required. Not to mention, you will always stay updated on new releases and stocks if you strike a good rapport with them. This is not too different from going to any specialty store you frequent and the salespersons who are familiar with you and your taste, update you about the new stuff at the store, or any upcoming products they think might excite you.

- Make sure you begin mild. If you start off with smoking cigars that are overpowering or too strong it might ruin your entire experience, so make sure you start with the mild and light cigars, then slowly ease yourself into trying out cigars that are more flavorful or are diverse in their flavors.

- Buy few not many at a time. When you exercise this simple habit in the initial stages of getting into cigars, it enables you to try out varieties of a cigar, and figure out with quick succession what you do or not fancy. You can figure out what does or does not suit what you are looking for. It also helps widen your understanding of various kinds of cigars and their flavors.

- Avoid spending a fortune. There will be times when you will want to spend quite a bit of money, but you should know that there are some very good cigars that can be found for even just $3, and the majority will cost a little less than say, $10.

- A drink goes well with a cigar. Any seasoned cigar smoker will be able to impart this wisdom to you, that it is always with a drink that a cigar’s flavor is enhanced. There’s whiskey, but more importantly, there’s scotch. Want some great options? Take a look at Masculine Cocktails. There’s a link at the end of this book under Other Books. You can find it on Amazon.

These are the ultimate drinks of choice, but yet – even a great pale ale pairs well with cigars. There are also those who find coffee based drinks more suitable to their taste preferences. And there are also those who would prefer to pair their cigar with just plain water. Having a drink with cigar opens up a world of possibilities in regards to the flavors of both – the drink and the cigar. It enhances your chances to appreciate both a lot more than you would have when consumed individually.

- Beware of nicotine sickness. Yes, it is not a made up thing, nicotine sickness is in fact very much a real deal, and it can make someone feel nauseous to an extreme level. Even if they relish the buzz, they get when they smoke a cigar. But in the case of you not being used to nicotine, try opting for the kind of cigars that come with lighter wrappers. Usually, what a lighter wrapper refers to is a milder flavor, which will not only suit your palate better but it will also contain a lesser amount of nicotine. The cigars you will see with a label like "full" refer to the cigars that are going to have a darker flavor and not only that, but their content of nicotine is just as high. If it ever comes to your having a brush with or a bout of nicotine sickness, eat something that is sugary right after or as soon as possible. Candy or soda work the best but pretty much anything that has a high content of sugar will provide you relief against nicotine sickness.

- Do not smoke a cigar too quickly. It is quite common to get a bit bored when you smoke a cigar, and you might start making your puffs too frequent. But here’s why all seasoned cigar smokers advise against this – when you smoke a cigar too quickly, it makes the cigar heat up and that will affect the flavors by muting them and will also make your mouth and tongue feel burnt.

- Stick to smoking where it’s welcome. For anyone who is new to cigars, it is possible they haven’t gotten around to figuring out where smoking cigars is not welcome the difficult way. There will be times when there won’t be a no-smoking sign but that doesn’t imply smoking cigars in that place is welcome. There is nothing that will spoil the experience of a cigar of good quality than annoying restaurant or other bar patrons. At worst, you might be asked to put out a great cigar or leave.

- Have a freshness strategy ready at hand. Those who are around you or close to you, like your significant other, might not mind cigars much, but keeping in mind that getting rid of cigar breath is the polite thing to do, it is important you have a plan for that. If you are someone who struggles with cigar breath, try products like gum or Tic-Tacs.

If you are willing to take a step beyond that, then consider taking a shower before bed or take one before going to a social gathering where smelling like cigars might not be the most welcoming thing.

- It’s important to familiarize yourself. There are endless types and varieties that exist in the world of cigars, as mentioned in one of the previous chapters already. So, pay heed to those details and assessments to better arm yourself with information and knowledge. It is also advisable you talk to seasoned smokers and ask their opinion as well.

- Begin long and slim. The wider and longer a cigar is the stronger and more intense it is going to be. So if you are just starting out with smoking cigars, it is advisable you start off with thinner and longer varieties instead of the ones that are small and stubby, as the latter will most likely make you cough.

- Inspection for precision! Before buying a cigar, give it a gentle squeeze in order to ensure there are no spots that are either too soft or too hard. These characteristics can be indication of whether the cigar is going to present you with a bad or disappointing draw. In fact, it could even indicate whether the cigar can be smoked or not. You should also be on the lookout for any kind of lumpiness in or on the cigar, also ensure the tobacco around the end has no discoloration, and neither does its wrapper.

- Store to preserve. If you have bought or already own a humidor (a box used for the storage of cigars), then be very certain that you store the cigars in the humidor instantly. And in the case of you not owning any storage devices for cigars, make sure you do not exceed buying more than just a few cigars at a time, as they will most likely dry out in a matter of 2 days. Also, avoid taking the cigars out of the cellophane packing they come with. A cigar should never be left unprotected. You can also store them in sealed containers or Tupperware.


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